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Our Immigration Service

Nash & Co is a top visa application and immigration services company with a legal team that provides employers and employees with the latest immigration advice and strategies. Our immigration services cover the whole of South Africa and we can submit anywhere in the world and extend to businesses, individuals and families, based both in South Africa and around the world. We take pride in the efficient delivery of our service, rapid response times, quality of our work, our attention to detail and a successful conclusion.

Nash & Co distinguishes itself from its competitors with an unrivalled range of support and we take pride in the personalised service that each client receives at an affordable price. Our enviable success rate is indicative of the fact that we are not limited to traditional working hours and you will work directly with an experienced attorney and receive the attention you deserve.

The process involves the following:

  • An understanding of our clients’ business and growth plan
  • An understanding of each individual for which we make an application, which includes their history at time of assessment, future plans and visions
  • Consultations and assessment with clients and individuals to acquire knowledge, manage expectations and provide timelines
  • Providing an expert opinion and detailed advice on the selection of a visa category; the documents required and instructions on documents to be secured
  • Drafting of the application forms and ancillary documents
  • Determining mission specific requirements in light of the discretion afforded to officials and country specific trends
  • Arranging appointments; payments and facilitating the submission process
  • Following up with the relevant authority on application/s made

In addition to the above, and as a result of the fact that we are Attorneys at Law, our service is not solely limited to representation at the Department of Home Affairs. We offer a complete service in that we represent our clients in the High Courts of South Africa to the extent necessary to receive outcomes where disputes arise and process is being frustrated.

To anticipate and attend to all our clients’ needs, Nash & Co’s immigration service consists of three specialised departments:

Immigration Compliance Department:

The Immigration Compliance Department assists our clients in acquiring temporary and permanent residence applications. This is done through the drafting of applications, management of time constraints and ensuring complete compliance with the South African laws and regulations governing the Immigration process.

On acquiring the said visa, the Compliance Department manages and tracks the visas, their conditions and expiry dates. This is to ensure minimum risk to employers and that subsequent applications are initiated timeously and in a stress- free manner. Doing so allows our clients to source the required staff from around the globe and to be secure in the knowledge that they are legally compliant and the risks associated with foreign employment are minimised.

Immigration Advisory and Disputes Department:

Our Immigration Advisory and Disputes Department is responsible for advising our clients on a multitude of immigration and mobility matters, ranging from the application for corporate worker permits to appeals. This includes appealing an undesirable status or the rejection of applications by the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa or Missions abroad.

Immigration Litigation Department:

Our Immigration Litigation Department is responsible for pursuing matters in the Courts where the Department of Home Affairs or other authorities take irregular steps or fail to act in a timely manner. Through this Department, we ensure that the Department of Home Affairs addresses all our client matters in an appropriate and timeous manner. This Department is also responsible for addressing deficiencies within the law affecting our clients through the use of the Court systems in South Africa.

We welcome the opportunity to consult with you as to your eligibility for a visa/permit and answer any questions you may have with no obligation.